1. To carry on the business of and to act as consultants, advisors, Representatives, managers, service providers and operators, agents and in particular to provide consultancy services to and for all types of businesses, industries and organizations, to act as business consultants, managers and advisors and to assist in corporate management, development and training of personnel at various levels of management, and to provide online and offline business and management solutions to socially responsible businesses or any other types of businesses and organizations providing goods or services, within the livelihood or any other sectors, to customers including those at the base of the pyramid, including solutions in relation to production, distribution, marketing and sales, personnel and finance, to collect, prepare and distribute information and statistics relating to any type of business or industry and to promote or propose such methods, procedures and measures as may be considered desirable or beneficial for all or any of the company’s objects.

2. To enter into any agreement, arrangement, contract or collaboration with foreign and Indian enterprises including companies, firms, persons, institutions or other organizations for acquiring or offering technical know-how, to employ local or foreign technicians or experts or advisers on a contract basis or otherwise and to depute the Company’s experts and employees to or utilize the equipment and assets or properties of the Company for entities in India or abroad.

3. To advise and assist interested parties on the need for, benefits and advantages of socially responsible entrepreneurship, within the livelihood and other sectors, catering to those at the base of the pyramid, either independently or with the assistance of service providers, to assist interested parties in every possible way, to build their business and set up base, to assist in the recruitment of agents and middle and senior employees, to assist in establishing necessary infrastructure to operate the business effectively and to do all such other acts, deeds and things as may be necessary or required to effectively implement the aforesaid objects.

4. To design, develop, manufacture, install, buy, sell, import, export, or obtain, whether by way of an agreement or arrangement or otherwise from any company, organization, association, entity or individual, know-how, information, assistance, rights and/or services in India or abroad, or otherwise engage in activities similar or compatible with the objects of the company.

5. To give advice on or to offer, give, take, circulate and/or otherwise organize, accept or implement any take-over bids, investment, mergers, amalgamation, acquisitions, diversification, rehabilitation or restructuring of any business, concern, undertaking, company, body corporate, partnership firm or any other association of persons whether incorporated or not, including socially responsible businesses, within the livelihood and other sectors, catering to those at the base of the pyramid, by acquisition of shares or assets and liabilities, and whether as a going concern or as a part of the concern or otherwise as may be required having regard to business exigencies, and to promote or procure incorporation, formation or setting up of concerns and undertakings whether as a company, body corporate, partnership or any other association of persons for engaging in any industrial, commercial or business activities.