Khasi Hills Ecosystem Private Limited

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Khasi Hills Ecosystem Private, Ltd.

Khasi Hills Ecosytem Pvt Ltd, (KHEPL) was registered on 28 August 2017 as a private company under Indian Company Act 2013.

  • Business and Management Consultant

    KHEPL acts as a business and management consultant to socially responsible micro-businesses and organizations providing livelihood opportunities for forest communities at the base of the pyramid.

  • Agent to Provide Marketing

    KHEPL acts as an agent to provide marketing, sales, and brokerage solutions for environmental service payments.

  • Contracts that support Environmental Services

    KHEPL enters into contracts with domestic and foreign companies and organizations for supporting environmental services in the forestry sector.

  • Increase Livelihood in Rural Communities

    KHEPL acts as a consultant to build capacity of entrepreneurial business enterprises to increase livelihood in rural communities.


To carry on the business of and to act as consultants, advisors, Representatives, managers, service providers and operators, agents and in particular to provide consultancy services to and for all types of businesses, industries and organizations, to act as business consultants (Read More)…

The Memorandum of Understanding