Administrative Staff

Hamphrey Lyngdoh Ryntathiang

CEO & Co-Director
Hamphrey is the Lyngdoh of Hima
Lyngiong, Lyngiong Lyngdohship.

Lewis Nongbri
CEO & Co-Director
Lewis is the Secretary of Dympep village and Community Facilitator of Hima Sohra, Sohra Syiemship.


Aikmenshisha Lyngdoh
Office Assistant
Bachelor of Arts
Badawan Marbaniang

Data Interpreter
Master of Social Work

Malgrita Mary Blah

Office Assistant
Bachelor of Arts


Alemisha N Warjri
Forestry Field Assistant
Masters in Ecology and Environmental Science
Anne Lyngdoh
Project Associate
MSc Ethnobotany
Nellie Veralyn Kharbuli

Forestry Assistant
M.Sc. (Plant Molecular Biology)

Felix Pde
Forestry Team Leader
MSc Botany
Maitshaphrang Marbaniang
Forestry Field Monitoring Assistant
MSc Botany
Ibapynsuk Warkhyllew

Syntung Community Facilitator
MSc in Rural Development and Agriculture Production


Banrihunlang Kurbah

Socio-Economic Specialist
Masters in Social Work

Ibadashisha Nongkhlaw

Socio-economic Assistant
Master of Social Work (Community Organisation and Development Practice)


Ibanda E Nongsteng
Co-Senior Accountant
Bachelor of Commerce
Khrawborlang Lyngdoh
Co-Senior Accountant
Masters of Commerce
Kerdashisha Lyngdoh
Field Account Assistant
Bachelor of Commerce
Dapkupar Blah

Accounts Assistant
Bachelor of Commerce


Kenneth Biondi Kharsyntiew

Tourism Development Specialist
Masters in Tourism and Travel Management

Shirley G. S. Langstieh

Tourism Development Assistant
Masters in Tourism and Hotel Management