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Ri-Bhoi Forest Restoration Project

Ri-Bhoi Forest Restoration Project This project started in 2015 when the Synjuk initiated an extension of the project through planning, planting, and monitoring trees for REDD+ outside the project area. Initial meetings were held to discover interest throughout the Ri-Bhoi area and found the people of Bhoirymbong and Mawtneng village ready to join the action […]


Khasi Hills Community REDD+ Project

Khasi Hills Community REDD+ Project The Khasi Hills Community REDD+ Project began in 2007 as a pilot project to protect and conserve the forests of the clustered villages of Wahlyngkien Ramklang and Wahlyngkien Sunei in Hima Mawphlang Lyngdohship. In 2011, the project reorganized under the management of the Ka Synjuk Ki Hima Arliang Wah Umiam

News and Updates

2018 MOU Signed

Ka Synjuk Ki Hima Arliang Wah Umiam Mawphlang Welfare Society The Khasi Hills Ecosystem Private Limited, (KHELP), Dongiewrim Mawphlang, Shillong has been so enthusiastic to carry out its service toward the betterment of the Company and has reached out with the service contract not only with the other entities outside the state but also within its

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